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Maahir is an online service provider, where customers can avail the service of skilled professionals. Maahir is a leading multiple service provider company catering to your needs with quality guaranteed. The aim and priority of Maahir is to add value to our customers' lives by providing smart solutions to all their problems. Maahir provides the most extensive range of services. From home maintenance to personal assistance and your medical needs, Maahir is a one stop for all your needs. This is why we hire all the staff under the roof of Maahir, just for your satisfaction.

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It was very convenient to engage a plumber to fix my commode and get things done through maahir in a very affordable price.

I am so pleased with Maahir, Their service is super fast and I am satisfied with the quality of work. Highly recommended.

It was a good idea to call Maahir electrician to fix my microwave. Job was done in less than 45 minutes. Great work.

Maahir is the most affordable, trustworthy and quality platform. My AC was installed in a very efficient and professional manner. Great work.

I am satisfied with the quality of work. Got done my home cleaning through Maahir cleaning service. They are good at their job.

Why We Choose Maahir ?

We bring the best user experience with modern and enhanced features. We make sure to provide constant support to all the users by staying in touch and asking for feedback. The following are the most important features of our success:

  • 1: Commission or charges
  • 2: Security and Quality
  • 3: Punctuality
  • 4: Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • 5: Highly Trained Maahirs
  • 6: Constant assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions

MAAHIR is a dream, designed to empower Pakistan's working class. It empowers every skilled individual from marketplace to laborer to freelancers to run their virtual businesses using the MAAHIR platform. Maahir connects local communities with the best skilled and technical manpower.

Maahir is the most trusted service provider in Pakistan. We have hired all the in-house staff so our customers can rely on us for any services. All our workers are background-verified and veterans in their field. We only use hi- tech machinery and tools to resolve all your issues effectively and in a matter of time and at your convenience.

You can register yourself as a customer using our mobile app (iOS or Andriod). To register as a service provider Contact Us.

Customers can easily hire a Maahir through the Maahir app, which is very simple, just choose a service you require and the app will connect you to those skilled Maahir who are near to you according to your location.

You can call our customer service representative to discuss your service experience and ask for guidance about the issues you are facing. In addition to this, if you have any confusion about the charges even after checking through our mobile app, please feel free to contact us.

We are available in all major cities of Pakistan.